Pre-Order Gideon Hodge's Newest Book "The Engineer's Empire"

The Engineer's Empire sprawls through a fantasy world on the brink of an industrial revolution, a dark calamity and all out war. Slade, an orphan living in the secluded town of White Pine lives a meager life of classrooms and labor under the Works Program. One morning, Slade awakes to ready himself for school, and none of his friends do. Children throughout the empire have fallen into a coma and will not awake. A mysterious sorcerer calls for all Waking children to meet at the Arcane Academy to learn to protect themselves from unseen threats. Nearby towns are being sucked dry of life, strange lights have been seen within the Wastes, an immense boneyard of rusted metal from a bygone era, and armies ready as threats of war sweep across the land. This epic tale sweeps across multiple continents, as the cadets of the Academy learn dark secrets about the ancient world, themselves, and the Empire they have believed in all their lives.

About the Author

Gideon Hodge - author/actor has been writing and performing his entire life. His career has ranged through circus, vaudeville, theater, and indie films. His writing started at an early age with short stories, stage plays and comic books. His first novel, Lilith's Redemption was released in 2014.

Recently, Gideon Hodge had tragedy strike in the form of a fire next door that spread to his home and nearly destroyed 2 of his novels he'd worked on for years. One of which is "The Engineers Empire" Available for pre-order above. 

You can see all the info on the fire here